SAP Netweaver BPM with SAP MDM: A good idea!

SAP Netweaver BPM with SAP MDM: A good idea!

I have been working on a project wherein we are using the all new SAP Netweaver BPM for designing the complex workflow in conjunction with Web Dynpro which is used for the user interface design and MDM Java APIs for performing operations in MDM. I wonder what would we have done if SAP Netweaver BPM wouldn't have been there because our workflow needs cannot be satisfied with MDM Workflows since it is very complex in nature and required dynamic decision making along with escalations and tracking.

It was a gamble when we started as Netweaver BPM was in ramp-up and we didn't even had any major expertise in it. We faced several issues in the beginning but all of them got sorted out and the implementation moved on smoothly. Now we feel that how easy it is to design the complex workflows with dynamic decision making capabilities, automatic mail notifications and runtime responsibility determination using Netweaver BPM. If we would have used GP instead of Netweaver BPM then I think that the time taken for implementation would have doubled since GP involves lot of coding. One of the best features that I like is the graphical mapping: Just Drag and drop the elements and you are all done (Cool... isn't it) and the ease of understanding for the Business as well as Technical guys (You can sit with a Business guy and design the process as required since the notation used is easily understood to all). Apart from the ease of use, SAP Netweaver BPM helps the companies to move towards SOA and benefit from it.

Changes to the business process can be made easily and the process can be extended as required without making any significant effort. The workflow can span across multiple systems: be it SAP or a non SAP system.

Although there are some limitations in the current version but I think that it will evolve over a period of time and these limitations will definitely be addressed in forthcoming releases. Overall I am very positive regarding future of Netweaver BPM and definitely it would continue to be a buzzword in coming time.
Arafat Farooqui is a SAP Netweaver Consultant having experience in SAP Netweaver BPM, SAP EP, Adobe Interactive Forms & MDM. Working with Wipro Technologies(

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