MDM & BPM: A perfect combination for User Centric Processes

Implementing user centric business processes with SAP NetWeaver MDM and Guided Procedures was and is still very popular since it has many advantages in comparison to the standard MDM Workflow tool for certain use cases (like integrating additional services, custom UI's, cross system workflows etc). With the combination SAP NW MDM and SAP BPM/BRM you can do the same but you will add a lot of new features to your solutions as well like:
  • Code free based Modeling by a Visual Process Modeler with NetWeaver Developer Studio
  • Out of the box substitution, delegation and revoke functionality
  • Easily adaptable MDM Web User Interface consumed by BPM directly (Preview of SAP NetWeaver MDM WD Components, planned to be released at a later point in time)
  • Integrated Business Rules (code free) functionality (no / less logic in Web Dynpro code anymore)
  • Exception handling of broken instances
  • Deadlines and automated escalations
  • Use of standard MDM Web Services in automated BPM activities
  • Out of the box Notes and Attachments handling
  • Enhanced dynamic texts for process titles in Portal UWL
  • Reusable Sub-Processes and embedded Sub-Processes (with upcoming BPM release)
  • Enhanced monitoring capabilities
  • .. a lot more
Since some months I already implemented some “Proof of Designs” and demo scenarios to show these advantages. If you are interested you can view this ScreenCam:
Expanding the Reach of your MDM Solution with SAP BPM/BRM

The business benefits are more or less obviously:
  • Higher Master Data Accuracy
  • Lower TCO and implementation effort by out of the box functionalities and Reusable subprocesses
  • Increased flexibility & design collaboration
  • Enable your business users since the tools are mostly code free usable
  • Better Data Governance throughput
  • Better Tracking & Tracing capabilities
  • Faster Rollouts of new versions (No Thick clients, No Excel)

The following screenshot shows the designtime in theNetWeaver Developer Studio for BPM Modeling:
This screenshot is a example of a decision table used in the scenario to determine the correct process flow for the corresponding input parameters:
Last but not least this screenshot shows you the configuration option of the new MDM Web Dynpro  Components used in the BPM process:
Please feel free to place comments or suggestions or contact me if you have questions.
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