E2E Change Analysis for MDM Servers on Unix shows no data


After you performed setup of Root Cause Analysis for SAP MDM 5.5 with Solution Manager 7.0 SP 15 -Sp17, no data are being displayed in the Configuration and File Reporting and E2E Change Analysis for the MDM Server's ini files.

Reason and Prerequisites

Diagnostics setup does not recognize correctly the location of the MDM Configuration files (mds.ini, mdis.ini, mdss,ini...) on Unix MDM Servers. As a consequence, Configuration and File Reporting and E2E Change Analysis do not collect information from the MDM ini files.

This behavior was corrected for Solution Manager SP18


Perform the following steps for Solution Manager 7.0 SP15-17

1. Select Diagnostics Administration -> Managed Systems -> Agent Administration -> Applications Configuration -> Managed Systems -> com.sap.smd.agent.application.datacollector->Application resources -> -> cca_systemlandscape.xml

2. Select Scope <MDM Server>. Download the cca_systemlandscape.xml to your local pc.

3. Open cca_systemlandscape.xml in an editor.

4. In section <InstallationPath /> check that the installation path is correct (probably Path="<MDM_Home>/mdm". Otherwise correct it.

5. Replace <Path Name="Import Server/" /> with <Path Name="mdis/" />

6. Replace <Path Name="Server/" /> with <Path Name="mds/" />

7. Replace <Path Name="Syndication Server" /> with <Path Name="mdss/" />

8. Save the changed cca_systemlandscape.xml.

9. Make sure that the scope is still set to your MDM server and upload the file via "Upload custom Resource"

An MDM server trusted connection configuration not working


You have configured a trusted connection between MDM server and a trusted server, but when attempting to establish a connection, it fails and the following (or similar error) message is logged to the portal default trace file:

"Error occurred: class javax.resource.spi.EISSystemException: Failed to

create session to repository <repository_name> on MDM

server <MDM server> for user <user name> because password was not

specified and connection to MDM server is not trusted."

Other terms

iViews; MDM Java API; MDM; allow.ip; deny.ip;

Reason and Prerequisites

You have configured a trusted connection for MDM server, including configuring the allow.ip and deny.ip files that reside on the MDM server host.


The trusted connection files, allow.ip and deny.ip should be lower case. (if you your trusted connection's file names are Allow.ip or Deny.ip, you should rename them to allow.ip and deny.ip correspondingly).

In addition, you should confirm that the mds.ini 'TrustFile Dir' property value contains the directory path to the folder where the trusted files allow.ip and deny.ip are located.

Once the file has been renamed to the correct case, or if you have modified the 'TrustFile Dir' value, restart the MDM server for these changes to take effect.

Note - Renaming is especially important for MDM server running on Unix based operating system, since as apposed to Window base OS, Unix is case sensitive.

Note - When a trusted connection has been configured, running a portal system object connection test will fail, since this test assumes the existence of user mapping. For more details, refer to SAP Note 1342477 "Portal System Object System Connection Test always fails".



SAP Netweaver Master Data Management GDS 2.0 FAQ

Frequently asked questions.



Question 1: Why does import process from ERP failes with null information provider?

A1: As part of default mapping delivered by SAP, information provider is passed as string 'default' which means import module will try to pick the value from default values maintained in UI Configuration for information provider field. Please maintain the default value for Main(System) -> Main -> Information Provider in UI configuration(GDS Console Application -> Application Administration -> UI Configuration -> Tab Configuration)

Question 2: Why default value for a lookup field doesn't show my record even though record is available in lookup table?

A2: It is mandatory to have the remote key mapping against remote system R3 for a record to make it available in default value field in UI configuration

Question 3: Why does import module fail with target market not found?

A3: Sales organisation in ERP needs to be mapped to target market of GDS for import module to understand which target market does the item belongs to. Sales organisation number coming from ERP should be mapped as remote key mapping against R3 system for a record in lookup table Target Market. This can be done in Metadata Management in GDS console application(GDS Console Application -> Application Administration -> Metadata Configuration -> Tab Key mapping)

Question 4: Why does some of the buttons like publication, registration, Correct, Launch workflow are disable for a trade item?

A3: Please check following in the sequence specfied to check why these buttons are disable.

1. Check Registration status of Trade item and global item if it is in a valid status for these actions like Registration, Correct,

publication. For valid statuses for an action, please check User

guide of GDS 2.0

2. Check if the role, assigned to this user, has appropriate

operation permission. You can check this in User and Role

Management of GDS 2.0

3. Check if the role, assigned to this user, has appropriate

value based authorization. You can check this in User and

Role Management.


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