SAP Inside Track 2011: EIM sessions

SAP Inside Track 2011 Midwest is jointly held in two locations: St. Louis and Chicago. I'll be speaking at the Chicago meeting. Hey, did I mention that it's FREE?

Of course, my topic is Information Governance. I'm calling the session "Faster and Cheaper Information Governance. Seriously." If implementing information governance sounds like a 5-year plan involving more meetings than you can stand, then this is the session for you. Whether you are just getting started in your governance initiatives, or whether your company is struggling to reach *success* with governance, we can help. In this session, we’ll discuss common pitfalls of information programs. Most of our time, however, will be spent on how to start small to ensure future success. In this session, you'll learn these skills: - identify good target projects - shape lean teams to accomplish the work - identify which technologies will accelerate your project - prove the value of the initiative to your organization.

The stellar SAP Mentor Gingler Gatling will also be there. That alone is worth a trip. She wrote the book on workflow, you know. :-) Ginger has three sessions, spanning workflow, data migration, and EIM in support of workflow.

Understanding SAP Business Workflow and how it fits in with SAP's BPM Strategy: Sharpen your knowledge of SAP Business Workflow, what it can and can’t do, and how it fits into your SAP architecture. Find out how other companies are leveraging workflows to improve and streamline processes, and the business drivers that make SAP Business Workflow a critical piece of the SAP infrastructure.

Comprehensive Guide to Data Migration: This session takes a deep dive into SAP BusinessObjects Data Services and offers best practices for using both the integration and data quality management capabilities provided in SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.  Get step-by-step instruction for getting started with SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, such as leveraging the pre-delivered migration content it provides and understanding the various connectivity options. Walk though a demonstration of SAP BusinessObjects Data Services migration content for SAP ERP and SAP CRM data migrations, showing the connectivity to SAP configuration tables for data validation and how to map common structures such as customer basic data.   Explore the jobs, workflows, and transformation capabilities within SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, and learn how to ensure SAP application configuration is referenced for data validation.  Discover the data quality major capabilities that can ensure your data migration project enables data management and data governance.   Learn the pitfalls to avoid when using SAP BusinessObjects Data Services for data migration, such as not taking into consideration the customizations – such as Z tables – within your target SAP systems. Take home links to the data migration content within SAP BusinessObjects Data Services.

Enterpirse Information Management and how it relates to business processing: This session will provide a  'what is Enterprise Information Management" and then discuss what this means for the SAP Business Suite, business processing, and business process experts.  The goal of this session is to provide insight into Enterprise Information Management including what it is, why it’s important to business, how it fits into SAP’s strategy and where you can go to get more information.

Tammy Powlas will also be there. Join us at the SAP Inside Track 2011 Midwest meeting.

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