SAP Netweaver MDM Trends and changing role of MDM consultants Part1.

There have been multiple queries on the newly added features in MDM after the recent activities- SAP acquiring Business Objects, Use of BPM for cMDM and collaborative master data processes, enhanced features like WS generator and Webdynpro configurator added as new emerging trends in MDM 7.1.
In this series of two blogs I will try to list all the new technologies added, scenarios and we will also see how it changes the MDM consultant role in the project, what new skills and knowledges are required etc.
Till 2007-08 the focus was more on the MDM core services like improving performance of MDM servers, import and syndication processes. Year after we saw MDM 7.1 released and within a short span of time we have now 5 patches. The topmost differentiators in MDM 5.5 and 7.1 are-
1. Flexibility in Data modeling- By introduing Lookup(Main) and Tuple datatype we can now model anything under the sun in MDM repository. Deep nested structure, supporting cross linkages between multiple entities, managing relationship data which were all forbidden to dream till 5.5 are now easily achieved in 7.1
2. CTS+ ensures improved administration and life cycle management for MDM projects. It also increases Project Life Cycle auditing compliance and monitoring.
3. Others worth mentioning are Enhanced security measure- User Passwords, Activity logs, Change tracking support for the Qualified tables, Use of DB Views on slave repositories for specific enterprise reporting.
4. MDM 7.1 offers new functionality by implementing the MDM PI Adapter which enables direct communication between MDM and PI. The MDM PI Adapter delivers data to and pulls data from MDM by using the MDM Java API port functions. This enables a tighter MDM PI integration as well as message monitoring. It also supports asynchronous data flow(Exactly once model) and acknowledgment from the target systems.
In part2 of this blog we will focus on the changes in the Process layer and the UI layer which are required for master data management, managing the CRUD operations, Data migration from SAP and NON SAP sources, enhanced Data Quality. We will also see how this impacts the MDM consultants working on any MDM programs.

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