MDM Expressions: Part 1

I am not here to tell you the basic functionality of Functions and Operations as this thing you can read and understand easily from MDM Data Manager Reference Guide. I have a keen interest in writing expressions and I have already answered a lot of threads in SAP Master Data Management. So I have consolidated some of these good threads for your references. I think this blog would be really helpful for the SDN MDM Community in order to understand and get familiar with the use of Operations, Functions and more under Expressions.

What is MDM Expression: MDM expressions are Excel-like formulas that are evaluated by MDM and return a distinct value for each record.

Let's start with the use of some Functions with suitable examples:

1. SYSTIME( ) : If you give in Expression as SYSTIME(0), it will give you the Current Date and Time. So accordingly you can make use of this expression.
e.g. SYSTIME(1) : It will add 1 day to the current date. i.e. Tomorrow
SYSTIME(NEGATE(1)): It will subtract 1 day to the current date. i.e. Yesterday
   Business Requirement where you can use this Function:
   Comparing System Date with a Date field
   Assign constant time to field in DM

2. TRIM ALL, TRIM LEFT and TRIM RIGHT : These are the functions which use to TRIM extreme SPACES only not Special characters. I think in future if SAP can provide such a function for removing special characters that would be really great in writing Expression for Assignments.
Special Characters Removal Using MDM Import Manager

3. Callable Function : You can write an Expression in Validation Tab and if you have set Property Callable = Yes then you can use this expression in any other Validation/Assignment Expression. For this you will see this Validation name in Functions tab of Expression.Please refer this thread for more details

4. Concatenate : Concatenate function will give you always delimiter comma (,) between two field values. For the same you can also use & operator which will give you values without any delimiter. Thread ID

5. Concatenation of Attribute Values : This is possible using Add Branch Asignment. Please refer this thread for more details.

6. Language Field Validation : In fact, Multi lingual validations cannot validate the inherited if the data manager is opened in the primary and vice-versa. For more details Please refer this thread.

MDM Expressions: Part 2

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