Custom KPI measurement solution for BPM

In this blog I will quickly talk about the custom KPI reporting solution that we implemented as part of a master data governance solution based on SAP MDM and BPM.

Initially while choosing the technology to implement the Master Data Governance solution at the client place we understood that BPM provides out of the box KPI functionalities (this was back in May 2009 when we started the implementation with CE 7.1.1)  which was one of the plus point for choosing the BPM + MDM combination.  Later on we realized that the process reporting is very minimal in the current release and would not serve the purpose of the clients Business requirements. So we proposed a custom application built in Web Dynpro Java which had strong request tracking and KPI reporting functionalities and it was accepted and implemented.

The solution captured the details of each request/approval step in the process along with other details that are required for the reporting purpose, additionally the solution captured the start and end time for each process step and calculated the total time taken to process a given request and then measured it against defined SLAs. Functionality of archiving request data (for SOX compliance) was also implemented for each request which can be retrieved at a later date in case of conflicts. For reporting purposes we also provided a facility to export the request into an excel sheet which may be downloaded and saved on client machine.

Below is the screenshot showing the custom KPI solution:

KPI Report

SLA violations were highlighted and total violation percentage was included for clear understanding of the business team. Till date the solution is very successful and we received a very positive feedback form the business. With much powerful reporting functionalities in CE 7.2, I think the new implementations can easily use the out of the box functionality provided by SAP, especially the ability to export to BW for reporting purposes would be very interesting and easy to use and it would definitely save the effort that we had put in implementing the custom solution.

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