MDM Expressions: Part 2

In continuation with previous blog: MDM Expressions: Part 1

So far i have discussed some of functions in Previous blog. So Let's continue with the use of some other Functions with suitable examples:

7. MID( ) : It returns a specified section of a string. Please have a look how it is being used in one of the Project requirement in this thread

8. IS_NULL( ) : Please refer the usage of this function in this thread

9. Qualified table validations : As the functionality of Expression is limited in case of Qualified tables. So I just want here you to aware of validating non-qualifiers inside qualified table by this thread

10. Lookup table Expressions : Refer this thread for details

11. Field population from Tuple table fields : This is possible only in case if your Tuple table is single-valued. For more details please refer this thread

12. Assignments to field of type Lookup : This is not possible as you get below error:
Assignment operation failed: A runtime error occurred while evaluating an assignment, validation or calculated field. For more details please refer this thread

13. Difference between Calculated field and Assignment
: Refer this thread for details

14. HAS_ALL_CHARS( ) : Refer this thread for its usage.

15. Validation that does not contain 1) Alpha numeric, 2) -ve number, 3) All Zeors, 4) String, 5) Special characters and should have only NUMERIC Values : Thread ID

16. Use of OR Operator : This is useful in case of more than one conditions. If any of the condtions is TRUE, It returns TRUE. IT returns FALSE if none of the condition satisfies. Please refer this thread for more details

I hope this would give everyone a fair idea to understand and deal with the usage of Expressions after going through all of the above mentioned threads.

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