What causes the CRC Check Error?

What does it mean when I receive the following error message:

  Server return code 0x8002000E: File failed a crc check

This probably means that there is a mismatch between the release/patch level of the MDM Server and the ABAP API Add-In or Java API add-in (e.g MDMJAVAAPI04_0.sca).

Although a single ABAP system with the MDM API Add-In could potentially interface with multiple MDM Servers on different release levels, the ABAP MDM API Add-In release level/patch level must always match at least that of the most release level of any MDM Server it connects to. In other words, the ABAP side the MDM APIs (provided via an ABAP Add-In) is backwards compatible, but not forwards compatible.

Lets say for instance that you are running the MDM Server at 5.5 SP4 Patch 0. This would show up as something like in the release level dialog on the MDM Server Console. Your ABAP system should have installed at least the same patch level. If you update your MDM Server to 5.5 SP4 Patch 1 (version, then patch one of the MDM ABAP API Add-on must be applied as well. Patches for the MDM ABAP API Add-on can be downloaded from the Service Marketplace.

You also need to make sure that your have configured the correct MDM Provider for your particular repository in the MDM Configuration with the ABAP System (Transaction MDMAPIC).

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