SRM-MDM Catalog version compatibility


The main objective of this page is to explain the compatibility between SRM-MDM Catalog, Java API and MDM Server.


The application SRM-MDM Catalog is dependent on other two main applications or components, which are MDM Server and MDM Java API. The compatibility of these applications is informed in the SRM-MDM Release Notes available in SAP Service Marketplace (Software Download Center):

This document will present how to check the versions of each of these applications and it will also explain how to correct the compatibility in case there is a version mismatch.

Identifying the versions of your applications

You can get this information by accessing the J2EE component info page (http://<J2EE_SERVER>:<PORT>/sap/monitoring/ComponentInfo).

The Component name of SRM-MDM is SRM_MDM_CAT and the Component name of MDM Java API is MDM_JAVA_API.

In order to get the information of your MDM Server, please follow the steps below:

1) Open the SRM MDM utilities:


2) Choose "Connection Test"

3) Provide the host name or IP of your MDM server (MDM server)

4) Click on "Start Testing" button

Checking the compatibility of your applications

Find the latest release note according to your SRM-MDM Support Package (SP) and open this note.

You will find in the note the SRM-MDM Catalog SP and Patch as well as the MDM Server SP. The version of MDM Java API should be the same as MDM Server since they are distributed together, as part of the same release.

See the image below for more information:

If the version of these three components is not compatible then it is probable that you will face issues during the usage of SRM-MDM Catalog.

Example of compatible versions:

SAP Note 1505367 mention SRM-MDM Catalog 3.0 SP08 Patch 01 is compatible with MDM Server 7.1 SP05.

Your component versions:

SRM_MDM_CAT:3.0 SP8 (1000.

MDM_JAVA_API: 710 SP5 (1000.710.

MDM Server: MDM Server 7.1 SP5 (Check)

Example of incompatible versions:

SAP Note 1642907 mention SRM-MDM Catalog 3.0 SP11 Patch 01 is compatible with MDM Server 7.1 SP07.

Your component versions:

SRM_MDM_CAT:3.0 SP11 (1000.

MDM_JAVA_API: 710 SP4 (1000.710.

MDM Server: MDM Server 7.1 SP4 (Check)

Solving the incompatibility of your applications

In case you have a version mismatch you should update your applications according to the latest release note for SRM-MDM. In case you don’t want to update your MDM Server than use the latest release note according to your SRM-MDM SP. Note that some errors are corrected in higher releases so it is not guaranteed that your issue will be solved by updating to the latest release of your SP. 

In order to update your application components go to Software Download Center, click on "Support Packages and Patches" (top menu) and then click on "Search for Support Packages and Patches" (left menu). Search for "SAP MDM CATALOG" and click on oyr SRM-MDM version. For more information please check note 1476694.

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