System Landscape Governance @ TechEd 2010

oncerned about increasing landscape complexity ?
Facing challenges when implementing new innovation within you SAP Business Suite system landscape ?
Uncertain about version dependencies when updating parts of your system landscape ?

If your answer to one of the questions is ‘ yes’, TechEd session ALM109 (Berlin, Las Vegas) might be able to dispel some of your doubts. Just have a look, how system landscape governance by SAP will ease the use of SAP products.

The session outlines SAP's approach and current offerings to reduce complexity in system landscapes covering multiple SAP applications. Learn how SAP is tackling the most important challenges customers face when designing and managing their system landscapes. Understand how landscape governance will help to standardize and automate the management of your system landscape. Furthermore we will provide an update of the SAP System Landscape Governance Board, covering the newest deployment recommendations, how to design system landscapes for certain SAP products.

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