Matching & Merging: Equals Vs Token Equals (Part 1)

I came across a thread where the Author of the thread was concerned about the Scores of matching duplicates. He was getting different Matching Scores other than what he set there during executing Strategies. He just wanted to know how it is happening and so are other SDN MDM members.

I divide this difference between "Equals Vs Token Equals" into two parts. This blog will contain the information of executing Strategies with Funtion = Equals. I will try my best that this difference is easily understood by everyone.

Working with Function "Equals"

For executing Matching, you need to define Transformation, Rule and Strategy.

Open MDM Data Manager, Go to Matching Mode:

1. Define a Transformation :


2. Define a Rule : Here in this Rule "Matching Material Description", I have included Transformation just created above and set Function = equals and other parameters as shown in below screen-shot.


3. Define a Strategy now : Here in this Strategy, I have included the Rule "Matching Material Description" as created above and set other parameters as shown in below screen-shot.


Now coming to Data Manager : Record Mode
Now, I have four records for which there is value for field Material Description as shown below:


Since we have set Rule Property Function = equals, it will treat these 3 tokens as whole that is one. Lets see how it shows score when we execute Strategy


After executing the strategy: In matching Mode, we get the following scores


Since during Function = Equals, it treats all token as one Individual Token

It tells that there are 2 duplicate records with Material Description "Lexan IP 300". So there Score of Success is 100 as defined in Rule above.
"Lexan IP 600" is different from "Lexan IP 300" so showing score of Failure 10
"Lexan ID 900" is different from "Lexan IP 300" so showing score of Failure 10

Now its turn for Token Equals example and here it is :


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