Implementing a Vendor Master Data governance solution based on BPM, MDM & ECC: Part 1

In his series of blogs, I will talk on how we went ahead with implementation of a Vendor Master Data governance solution for a large client. The blogs will focus on the scenarios that we implemented and the methodologies used to realize the solution, I will also try to focus on the architecture part of the solution and the tradeoffs between various alternatives. Goal of the project was to have a globally defined process with proper checks and controls to ensure that people are held responsible for their actions, enable monitoring of the key performance indicators to identify the bottlenecks and continuously optimize the process, maintain high quality data and restrict access to relevant information.

The aim of the project was to provide the management with proper metrics and streamlining the Vendor maintenance process across the organization. Initially the proposal was to go ahead with the MDM workflows integration with Netweaver Portal to realize the approval functionality, but later on BPM was chosen due to several limitations in the MDM Workflows like unable to extend the workflow to ECC system was not possible.

This blog will outline the agenda whereas part two of this blog series will focus on the approach that we used to implement the solution, part three focuses on the technical architecture and part four will focus on the challenges faced during the implementation and how did we overcome them. I have already published a blog with some learnings from a similar project and can be found here: Learnings from a Netweaver BPM-MDM implementation

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