What were you doing ten years ago?

Ten years is a pretty long time in the world of modern technology. Today I had reason to think back to what life was like 10 years ago in 2001. I decided to look up what was going on in the tech world and found that in 2001:

  • Apple introduced the iPod
  • Dell become the largest PC maker
  • Hewlett Packard announced plans to buy Compaq
  • Wikipedia was founded
  • Microsoft released the original Xbox game console
  • And most importantly, Sybase Afaria was the market leading mobile device management solution

Back in 2001 enterprise mobility was a bit different too. Even though I worked for Sybase, I didn’t have a cell phone, there were no smartphones or tablets, I didn’t even carry a slim lightweight laptop. For enterprises, mobility was mostly about task workers – and mobility management was about controlling laptops.

A lot has changed over the past ten years. But one thing has remained the same – Sybase Afaria has been the mobile device management (MDM) market leader every year from 2001 through 2011. In fact, today, we announced that leading IT market research advisory firm IDC, in its recent Worldwide Mobile Device Management Enterprise 2011 – 2015 Forecast and 2010 Vendor Shares report, recognized Sybase as the leader in mobile device management (MDM) enterprise software market for the tenth consecutive year.

For well over a decade, Sybase Afaria has transformed enterprises and managed mobility partners around the world by empowering the mobile workforce. Sybase Afaria enables enterprise IT to fully manage and secure a wide range of personal and corporate smartphones and tablets, including Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and more, in both hosted and behind the firewall environments. Additionally, Sybase Afaria's seamless over-the-air (OTA) delivery of in-house and publicly available apps, combined with on-device enterprise portal technology, ensures that only approved mobile users are granted access to internal applications and data.

I encourage you to check out the press release on the IDC report, where IDC evaluated over 20 MDM vendors. You can also find a link to purchase the full IDC report here.

Milja Gillespie Active Contributor Platinum: 2,500+ points is director of mobility at SAP and drives thought leadership programs for the company’s leading edge mobility products.

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