SAP Customers Talk MDM: Part Two - SentrySafe

General Information About the Blog Series

In this SCN blog series, we'd like to let you hear directly the customer's voice when it comes to mastering master data in the enterprise. The blogs include video statements from SAP MDM customers plus additional info on the MDM initiatives.

The Customer's Voice: SentrySafe

Part Two features Sentry Group, a privately held manufacturer of fireproof files and safes. The company uses SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management to get a single view of their product data.

Click the image to start the video and listen to Gregg Griebel, ERP Program Manager at Sentry Group.

More Information on SentrySafe's MDM Initiative

Type of MDM Initiative
Consolidation of Product Data to provide one single source of truth
Aggregate and consolidate product information from various sources into central MDM repository. Feed SAP ERP back-end with consolidated product information required for streamlined transactional processing.

Stay tuned for the next session.


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