Moving Your Data to a New System?

Author: Duane Failing, Senior Consultant atUtopia, Inc.


It's Just like MovingYour Stuff into a New House!

I recently had the opportunity to discuss the subject of getting data ready to move to a new system with one of my clients.  After the standard presentation, I made the following analogy to attempt to get the idea better appreciated.  Imagine two established adults getting married and moving their stuff into a new house.  Both have complete sets of items, but they need to make decisions on what to take and what not to take.

A few cases to consider:

  • You go through every item that you currently use. Do I really need this item in the new house? What is its function or purpose? If I don't need it, then don't take it. If I need it, then does it need to be cleaned or repaired?
  • You go through the items that are stored in the attic or basement. These are the old items that you currently don't use. Do you want to keep them or are you going to write them off? What is there value? If you were to take them, where would you store them in the new house?
  • You must decide on duplicate items, like washer/dryers. You don't need them both,but how to decide which one to take?  Newer, better fit, more functional?How to manage the negotiations, who wins and who loses. Maybe neither one wins, and you decide to buy a new one and not take the old ones.
  • Maybe the new house has a need for items that neither person currently has? What is the new standard, type, color, size?

This work can be very time consuming, especially if you havea lot it items to consider.  You need to make decisions; sometimes against items that you have a history with, but will not fit will well in the new environment. Clean things up and make the decision before you move everything over and then find out that it doesn't work. Look forward, what do you really want?

If you do this well, it will make your future life a lot better.

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