"socket error" bug fixed in MDM 7.1 SP03 p19

I was working on the MDM business content. When I import reference data regions.xml, get error "Socket error". I has checked  ALL component is the same version. (Note 1345858)

The MDM server is on windows 2003 x64. Later I installed a MDM server on Linux x86_64 system(Build a SAP MDM system on Linux platform). And I get the same error. I had to send a message to SAP.

 They said version would solve this problem. It is available a few days later.

In the Note(Note 1425021 - MDM 7.1 SP03 Patch19 Release Note) you can find that: (build Fixed): Importing into a Hierarchy table using Import Manager, Import Manager crashed and displayed an error saying: "The operation completed successfullyWindows sockets error code: 0 This application will now exit".

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