MDM Repositories not getting loaded in Data Manager

MDM Repositories not getting loaded in Data Manager
Q:We have 2 MDM Servers one for Development and another for Demo. We were able to access the development repositories through data manager. After we copied the repository from the development server and created the repository in demo server we could not able to load repositories of Development Server.

When we mount the server in both MDM Server and Auxilary server the versions in MDM Server is showing and the same Server in Auxilary server the version is showing I have tested in both the versions of MDM Datamanager to load the repository but I am getting the message as repository not loaded.

Do any one have fased this issue before please share how to proceed further.

Ans:Open MDM Console and mount the development server first, mount the repository (if it is not present) you are trying to access from data manager, login into the repository and check whether it is loaded or not (green triangle along with repository name shows repository is loaded), if not, right click on repository and select Load Repository -> Immediate.

Repeat the same for Demo server.

Ans1:You should also check that all 3 (MDM server, Console and Data Manager) are on the same 7.1 SP (for example, that all are on 7.1.03.xx). If not, then you should install all 3 (and in general all MDM components) on the same SP level, other ways will not work.

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