What is an MDM Server?


An MDM Server is the central hub of an MDM system. It manages
access to master data in one or more MDM repositories, which it serves up to various clients across a network.

The various components of an MDM software environment, and how
they interact with the MDM Server; are described below and illustrated in Figure 1.

• MDM Console. MDM Console allows system managers to
administer and monitor MDM Servers, and to create, maintain the
structure of, and control access to the MDM repositories.

• MDM Clients. MDM clients interact with an MDM Server to import,
access, manage, syndicate, and publish master data. Clients include
MDM rich user interfaces such as MDM Data Manager, MDM Import
Manager, and MDM Syndicator, as well as customizable interfaces
such as iViews and APIs.

• DBMS engine. Master data is stored in a commercial SQL DBMS,
access to which is controlled by the MDM Server. MDM supports
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and SAP MaxDB.



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